G'day Cap,

1. Of the veterans weapons still left on the depth chart, which ones do you expect to just miss the final 53? Specifically the RB/WR/TE group.

2. Caserio's brought in LBs of all shapes and sizes other than a true thumper (like McKinney) who can take on blockers. I get the NFL is changing and the hybrids/run and cover LBs are crucial, but do you feel as though the Texans NEED a bigger backer or two considering they play Indy/Tennessee 4 times a year and have had a brutal time stopping the run?

3. Is it really so bad to have a 27 year old elite pass blocker under contract through 2023 or should the Texans still look to move Tunsil next year? I know he was one of the biggest overpays (both trade and contract extension) in team history, but I don't see the logic in letting him walk without a viable solution or player in waiting on the roster.

Cheers and appreciate you keeping the Texans content ship afloat during another dark period.

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Are we looking to be top 12 in defensive run stops? And do you perceive we can make the playoffs?

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What quantities for each position will make up the 53?

5 or 6 WR?

Only 8 of the 17 DL?

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Buenos Dias!

Is it your opinion that the Texans are full evaluation mode this year for Davis?

Boom or Bust for 2022?

Or with 2 more year's of #1 draft picks, do they give him 2 years of evaluation?


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Let’s say Tunsil and Howard both perform well this year. We will need to negotiate their contracts. What would we be looking at in terms of salary and cap hits? Can we actually afford to keep both of them, pay them top dollar and still afford to continue building our team? We’re already in the Top 10 in the league for OLINE spending. What are you expecting to happen with Tunsil & Howard?

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